Why choose our converged infrastructure?

Our converged infrastructure lets organisations use their compute resources in more efficient and cost-effective ways, lower their IT management costs and increase the speed of software and service deployment . Our converged infrastructure brings you a step close toward a service software-defined infrastructure.

Faster provisioning

Reduce a three week provisioning time to an hour.

Faster IT response

Provides the agility to respond to market place changes and priorities.

Easier path to cloud

Makes it easier  to implement private or hybrid clouds

Greater control

Enables simultaneous management of multiple  functions and devices.

Save time

Boost productivity by eliminating up to half your work in design, deployment and management. Get up and running faster and free your team to focus on other projects.

Lower TCO

Simplify hardware infrastructure systems and drastically reduce the number of devices requiring setup, management, power, cooling, cabling and floor space.

Simplify scalability

Easily scale compute, network and storage capacity independently as needed through infrastructure automation and a simplified, validated architecture.

Simpler management infrastructure

Centralises server management, network and storage to streamline day to day maintenance.